Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maleah's first tooth.

Maleah had been patiently waiting for one of her teeth to become loose. A lot of her friends have been losing teeth and she kept asking when she will lose one of hers. A couple of weeks ago she said that one of her teeth was loose. I felt it, and sure enough, it was. Needless to say, she was extremely excited and she kept asking me every hour (s0 it seemed) if it felt like it was getting looser. We were riding in the car yesterday and she kept messing with it until it was hanging by a thread. I told her to stop messing with it because I had one more stop to make before getting home and I didn't want the tooth to come out until we got home. So, we were walking around T.J. Maxx (love that place) and all of sudden the tooth literally falls out of her mouth and she catches it! We promptly headed to the bathroom to wrap the tooth in toilet paper. I think this is the proudest I have ever seen my daughter . She was grinning from ear to ear. She proudly announced that she is a big girl now because she has a missing tooth, and, of course, I congratulated her.

That night, we wrapped the tooth in some toilet paper and placed it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. This is what she found when she woke up. A note from the tooth fairy (aka daddy) along with 50 cents.

The next morning I was still sleeping when she busted into my bedroom to show me what the tooth fairy had left her. I started cracking up. On the side of her face, by her temple, there were two red outlines left from the two quarters she had slept on. She had woke up very early and found the note and money and then had went back to sleep before coming to tell me about them. After I showed her the marks on her face she started laughing and said, "I was wondering where that money went." Silly girl!


  1. hahaha! congrats maleah. you're so big!

  2. The Tooth Fairy is very generous, and she still has fantastic handwriting!