Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blue window.

The color turquoise. It's EVERYWHERE. People are going crazy for this color-including me! I have decided to do lime green and turquoise in my living room, so my new fireplace mantel addition seems to fit nicely. Awhile back I found several old windows on the side of the road. I was thrilled that I was able to find them for free. People actually pay pretty good money for these things at flea markets. Anyway, I took it home, painted it using acrylic craft paint in turquoise and then sanded it like crazy. It gives a nice pop to the mantel. Not sure if I want to add anything to the mantel or not. Also not sure if I'm set on the dark wood candle holders. I'll give it a couple of days (more like a few hours) to see what I think.


  1. i LOVE cute. your mantel looks great and the paint color on the wall is rockin'.

  2. I can't tell where the other lime green and turquoise colors are in the living room. So, I think the blue and dark wood will work well together. Simple design elements and color contrasts are your specialty!