Sunday, April 25, 2010

My princess turns 6.

It really amazes me how quickly time flies; especially when you are watching your children grow up. It's hard to believe Maleah is turning 6. She is slowly getting out of the "little girl" stage and becoming a "big girl".

We started her birthday party out at Kaleidoscope, which is such a fun place for kids to get their creative energies flowin'. They get to make whatever their imaginations can think up using paper, markers, paints, fun cut outs and all kinds of crafty things. It's owned by Hallmark, so all of the materials are from Hallmark's discard or overstock. We then headed over to crown center to enjoy D'Bronx pizza (my fave), cupcakes and present opening. We had such a good time. And I have to say--bragging really--that my friends have some of the cutest darn kids ever. A big thanks to all of you who came to Maleah's party despite the down pouring of rain and the crazy crowds. It was worth it!

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  1. looks like ya'll had a ton of fun! happy birthday maleah!