Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maleah's 9th Birthday

Is it true? Am I really doing a blogpost? It's been so long that I feel I have forgotten how. But, my baby girl had a birthday and I really wanted to blog about it. So, here it is.

Every year I try to come up with something creative and fun. Some years we do a little extravagant, other years super simple. This year was right in the middle. 

I used to work at Paper Source, which is a great little shop on the Plaza. I love this place. Perfect place to get your craft on. I remembered that they do birthday parties, and I thought this would be perfect for a bunch of little girls that love to do arts and crafts. 
This is the girls taking a stroll through the plaza. The weather was great and the girls had a blast.

They were taught how to make a notebook with a spiral binder. Kate was the instructor. Love that girl! The kids were so creative. It made me happy to watch them in action. I found it so interesting to observe each of their little personalities. They are all so different.
I think Mike was the giddiest of all. Being the designer that he is, he LOVED watching all the techniques and fun things to make. He even made a little somethin somethin himself. Bless his heart. He told me that when we get a larger house he wants a room that looks like Paper Source where he can design and have fun. Ok, honey.
Too cute!
We ended our outing with a visit to Yogurtini. It was such a good time. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!