Sunday, April 18, 2010

Desk redo

Awhile back I got this great little desk at a garage sale for Maleah. We use it occasionally for when we homeschool. I have been wanting to "cheer it up" a bit since it was rather plain. So, here is what I came up with.

This picture was taken right after I put the primer on. I apologize for the bad lighting. It was dark outside.

I lightly sanded the desk and then applied primer. I then painted the whole thing with folkArt acrylic paint. The kind that comes in those little bottles for around $1 at a craft store. The color is Jamaican Sea. I had some fun wrapping paper that matched perfectly so I Mod Podged that to the top, although, that is where things got REALLY tricky. I put the glue on the desk top first and then carefully laid the paper on top. It bubbled up and wrinkled pretty badly. I waited until the next day to see if it got any better after drying. Of course it didn't, so I had to take it off, which was not an easy task. I tried it again, only this time I used a little less glue on the top of the desk and laid the paper down more slowly, starting from the top and working my way down to the bottom. It still bubbled and wrinkled a little but nothing I can't live with. I realized it's the paper. I think scrapbook paper is much easier to work with because it's thicker and not as flimsy as wrapping paper. After getting the paper on top I Mod Podged twice (letting it dry in between coats) over the whole desk, including on top of the paper, to create a nice sealer.

Here is the finished product. I love how bright and cheery it looks, and even better, Maleah loves it!


  1. tht is adorable!! love it. what a great place to get inspired to do some homework!

  2. fun to finally see your blog, mara! i LOVE the desk. so cheery and fun. i also will be trying the deodorant. i use tom's, but i'm stinky, so its worth a try!!