Monday, May 23, 2011

Rockin' it at the Hardbean

Jarod had a singing gig at the Hardbean Cafe this past Saturday. We had a great time. My mom and dad went too. It's hard to explain the feelings I get when I watch my son sing and perform. There is just something about that boy's music. I'm not kidding. The words and the sound are so anointed. So deep. So moving. I have been moved to tears plenty of times. My dad actually got up at one point to excuse himself to the bathroom to wipe the tears.

And Maleah sure loves seeing her big bro perform. You can see the adoration in her eyes towards him. It's precious.

(my hunky hubby)

(my dad and maleah)

Jarod has such a tender heart for people. A gentle spirit. And it definitely comes through in his music. I pray that the Lord will continue to use him to touch others through his music.

I am one proud (and grateful) mama!


  1. I hope that I can come visit sometime when Jarod performs. I love listening to his music!

  2. um, your pics are fab.

    why don't you blog more?? that's me begging. :)