Friday, April 22, 2011

Maleah's 7th Birthday

(artwork by Daddy)

My baby girl turned seven (sigh). It's so hard to believe. She is slowly phasing out of the little girl stage and into, well, I don't know, just older. I can tell she's getting older in the way she responds to things I have been doing forever, like pinching her tushy. I guess when you are seven it is no longer cool for your mother to do this. I get the ol' "MOM!" And when I kiss on her incredibly soft, mushy cheeks for too long I get, "MOM, that's enough!" Why does this type of behavior have to start so early?!

For her seventh birthday we had a Flower Power birthday party. So girly!

We had flower sandwiches...

and we played Pin the Petal on the Flower...

and we painted flower pots and planted flower seeds in them.

The girls had so much fun. And I was grateful for the perfect weather.

Maleah was truly blessed with the many gifts she received. I was impressed by how thoughtful and "crafty" the gifts were.

And I gotta give props to my awesome son, Jarod, who put up with 11 little girls running around so that he could fulfill his mom's request to take pictures. Jarod, you're the best!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Maleah!


  1. What an awesome party! I can't believe she's 7 already. You are the best Mom I know--throwing such cool birthday parties with creative ideas. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. oh my word...i love the decor and artwork and...the birthday girl. layne told me yesterday...we never get to hang out with maleah. LOL. he's still crushing...

  3. Kelly - Thanks, sis. You are so sweet. Miss you.

    Jami - Yes, I'm thinking we need to get them together more often. We want to make sure they become best friends before the wedding. LOL!