Friday, March 2, 2012

dr. seuss birthday

today is dr. seuss' birthday and we wanted to do something fun for homeschool. here is what our day looked like:

we started out with green eggs and ham. okay, we didn't have any ham so i made bacon. and i wanted to mix eggs with spinach in the blender to make them green, but i didn't have any spinach (i'm so organized and prepared), so i used a dash of our green powder supplement we use for smoothies. now, before you say "gross", let me assure you the eggs were quite tasty. maleah even said so. we also enjoyed some fresh green juice (apple, lettuce, and lemon) on the side.

while we ate our breakfast i read the book, what else, green eggs and ham by dr. seuss.

we enjoyed a game of tic tac toe.

and maleah made some cute dr. seuss door hangers for her bedroom.

we ended the day with a fun family outing at the movies. today was the opening day of "the lorax". it was super cute and had a good message behind it.

thank you dr. seuss for sharing your gift of writing to the world! your books have brought joy to many households, including ours.

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