Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Paddy's Day in Sioux Falls

We decided to go to Sioux Falls for Maleah's Spring Break and for a little get-a-way. This was my idea of course. Even though Mike and Jarod enjoy seeing my family in Sioux Falls, this is not one of their top picks of places for our family to vacation. It just doesn't hold the same sentimental values for them as it does for me since it's MY hometown. They felt the need (several times) to remind me that most people go South for Spring Break where it's warm. Whateva! I didn't care. We were headed to Sioux Falls.

The ride was really enjoyable. I love that my husband doesn't mind driving, and because of this I rarely have to, which means I get to kick back and read my favorite magazines and books...or sleep. I also love that Mike and Jarod and I always engage in great conversation while riding in the car. Maleah does pretty well too, as long as she has food and the portable DVD player.

We arrived late Friday afternoon. We pulled up to the hotel and when we got out I thought it was actually pretty nice out. 47 degrees...not bad for Sioux Falls...until the next day. I was excited to wake up Saturday morning and get out and about in my good ole hometown. I wanted to go shopping, eat lunch and go see the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I grew up going to this parade and was happy to be sharing this memory with my husband and kids. We ate our breakfast and got ready to head out. As soon as we stepped outside I was quickly reminded of the brutal winds that South Dakota gets. The temperature said 25, but with the windchill it felt like 9 degrees out. Yes, people, 9 degrees in the middle of March. MAN, it was cold!!! I didn't want this to get in the way of us having fun though.

After lunch and a little shopping we went to Sinful Things Desserts. The name says it all. OMG! This place has the best freakin' baked goods.

Maleah and I shared a piece of peanut butter chocolate cheesecake. Mike totally scored. He has been craving cheesecake and he LOVES Red Velvet Cake. So he was in heaven when he ate his Red Devil Cake layered with cheesecake. Jarod decided to abandon us and go hang out with his cousin so he didn't get to indulge.

(maleah took this picture of us)

Sinful Things Desserts is located right downtown on the street where the parade is held. I asked Maleah if she would like to stay seated at our lovely (and warm) little table nicely placed right next to the front window to where we could see the parade up close and personal. We wouldn't miss a thing and we would be warm. Yeah right! No such luck. She insisted we go outside. So we did. And we froze. The parade was every bit as good as I anticipated, but after 15 minutes we were all freezing, including Maleah, who informed me that she could no longer feel her toes. This is when I politely reminded her that she was the one that wanted to stand outside. We only stayed for about half of the parade but it was so much fun. It took me back a few years and put me in touch with my Irish heritage.

The other highlight of the trip was finding out that Sioux Falls FINALLY has an all natural, organic grocery store. Pomegranate Market. It was amazing. It had everything Whole Foods has except it is locally owned and the prices were MUCH better.

We ended up getting a few groceries and eating lunch at their salad bar, which was amazing.

I hate trying to find places to eat out when traveling because most places don't serve the types of food that our family likes to eat, so I was extremely grateful that this market was available to us. Seriously, I was like a kid in a candy store. Although, Jarod didn't partake in eating at the salad bar. We took him across the street to Taco Johns--he says he loves this place and doesn't get to eat it very often because we don't have one. He eats healthy for the most part but I'm still working him.

It was so good seeing family too. I got to see my new niece for the first time, but I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't get any pictures. Darnit!

All in all it was a good trip despite the cold. I really like Sioux Falls and find that I really miss it. I said several times that I could see us living in Sioux Falls but my husband (and son) says I'm crazy, it'll never happen and we have a great life in Kansas City. He's right, we do have a great life in KC and I am grateful for it. But that doesn't mean I can't daydream of all that Sioux Falls has to offer and the good memories that I have there.


  1. that looks like such a fun time...despite the cold! ya'll are too cute...

  2. What an awesome trip! That dessert place really seems like a dangerous place, so I'm glad they don't have one in KCMO? jk

    Maybe, you should venture into making some of those sinful desserts for your next trip to Ohio, perhaps? LOL