Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Decorating 2010

I learned something about myself while decorating for Christmas this year. When it comes to decorating I am a minimalist. (I think that applies to a lot of other areas in my life as well). The less the better. If I start accumulating too much "stuff" I feel unbalanced. That goes for having too much going on my life too. Anyway, I have quite a few decorations that I have used over the years, but they just didn't seem to fit our new home. They are mostly red and green and countryish, so I didn't use them, except for the ornaments on the tree. I couldn't change those up. Too many memories. Ya know, the ones that your kids make you in preschool and kindergarten that only you yourself could love and appreciate.

But for the rest of the house I did very little. I'm loving all things silver this year so that's basically the color I used most. My wreath that I put above the fireplace was super simple and inexpensive. I bought a grapevine wreath for $3.99 and wrapped garland around it, which was only $3.50. And then I draped some garland on the ledge above the fireplace. I will also put up Christmas stockings but haven't bought them yet.

And then there is my little tree I put on our dining room table. You can't really call it a tree. Mike chopped off a branch from a tree in our front yard and I stuck it in some pebbles in a glass jar. I hung my handmade ornaments on it.

And that's really it. I will probably put a few more things up here and there, but I am definitely keeping it minimal. I need it like it that way.

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